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Connecting people and businesses from the West and the East

About iibboo


“When a wave moves, ten thousand waves follow”. The name “iibboo”,  was inspired by this line from a Chinese poem. Help people from the West and the East work together to create sustainable impacts to change the world for the better. This is what I strive to achieve with my work.

I use the “Engage, Enable and Empower” approach to effectively help people to build enriching partnerships so that both people and businesses can grow and flourish.

About Me

My name is Mei. I was born in Yunnan Province in China. Because my father went to provide healthcare services to people from rural areas who had no access to medical care, I spent my childhood days living in all kinds of remote villages together with my brothers and sister. I saw my parents engage with patients, deeply care for them, and support them. I learned at a very young age about the power of human connection for healing and recovery. My fascination for human connections was born.

Twenty-five years ago, I started to connect people and businesses from Europe with China. I found when I help people truly connect with each other,  they start to immerse in each other’s thinking, see each other’s perspectives, and understand each other’s needs. Through the power of connection, people learn and grow.

Connect, inspire, learn, and grow. This is what I love and aspire to do every day!

My Mission

Our world is facing tremendous challenges in multiple dimensions: economic, social, and environmental. I genuinely believe close collaboration and connection between people from different cultures, religions, backgrounds, and businesses can create a wide range of sustainable impacts on peace and prosperity, for people and for our planet. 

It’s my mission to help and support people from different cultures to connect with each other, learn from each other, inspire each other, help each other and add value to each other. 


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