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Culture Alignment Podcast

Get insights, ideas, and inspiration to jointly create a more connected world

Culture Alignment Podcast

Many years ago, I read a fascinating parenting book called “The Gardener and the Carpenter” by Alison Gopnik. In this book, Alison Gopnik uses the metaphor of “Gardner and Carpenter ” to describe two parenting styles. A carpenter transforms a block of wood into a chair according to his exact plan. However, the gardener creates the conditions in which plants have the best chance of flourishing.

This metaphor is also applicable in business. Last 25 years, I helped companies from Europe and China to work together. The dynamic intercultural collaboration process requires us to stay open, flexible, and curious in order to cope with the constantly changing business environment. We need to have the mindset of a gardener to keep creating fertile ground to enable people and businesses to root, grow, and flourish.

Culture alignment is a vital part of intercultural collaboration. If this alignment is created, not only will the business benefit from it, people will benefit from it, countries will benefit from it, and the world will benefit from it. 

From my personal experience, being married to a Dutch husband and trying to let two different cultures co-exist is such a fascinating and rewarding journey. In Culture Alignment Podcast, we will use a different lens to look at the culture alignment process. Couples from the Chinese and other cultures will share their Culture Alignment journeys with us. Their stories will give all of us insights, ideas, and inspiration to jointly create a more connected world!

Starting September 2022!


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