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Enhance Intercultural Collaboration to unlock your business potential

Intercultural Collaboration Framework 

Fostering Productive Partnerships with Chinese partners and Teams

Are you working with Chinese teams and seeking a deeper understanding of their culture, mindset, and perspectives? Do you face challenges in motivating and engaging your Chinese teams to actively contribute their ideas for enhancing various aspects of your business operations, such as marketing, sales, and manufacturing?

I employ the “Engage, Enable, Empower” approach to enhance your intercultural collaboration. Through fostering connections among intercultural teams, I engage all participants to openly share their feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Leveraging this valuable information, I assist you in developing actionable and consensus-based strategic plans and frameworks that enable your teams to take ownership and concrete actions. Throughout the entire process, my priority is to ensure that every team member feels seen, heard, and valued, empowering them to actively contribute to taking your business and operations to the next level.

From My Customers

China is a strategic market for us and we wanted to improve our visibility in China. However, it was a challenge to enthuse colleagues in China from our Dutch headquarters to provide input for marketing content. Mei has formed the perfect bridge between the Netherlands and China. She helped us motivate Chinese colleagues and set up a strategic content framework.

In addition to her kindness, thoroughness, and commitment, Mei is a connector at heart.

Anne ter Braak

Head of Corporate Communications - Stahl

We wanted to build a good marketing system in China. Mei collected market information by meeting the sales teams from every business unit. She helped us to clearly define our marketing content and build the framework. Her effort enabled us to effectively carry out the subsequent marketing promotion plans.

Mei is sincere, professional, and devoted. She is very good at motivating others, and we all learned a lot from her.

Karin Lee

Marketing Manager - Stahl China

Intercultural Collaboration Workshops

Bridging Cultural Differences for Effective Collaboration

What are the cultural differences between Chinese culture and Western culture and how to bridge these differences? How to enhance communication, cooperation, and trust with the Chinese partners or teams? These are the common challenges faced by my clients and their teams. Discovering answers to these questions can propel your business and operations to new heights.

Intercultural Collaboration Workshops are designed to shed light on various aspects of cultural differences and equip you with the tools and knowledge to bridge cultural gaps and achieve collaborative success. Throughout the workshop, you will be provided with practical information, valuable insights, and useful tips, empowering you to successfully navigate cross-cultural challenges.

From My Customers

Mei is very driven. Her personal approach appeals to our team. Because of her experience in doing business in Asia, her answers to our questions are directly applicable to us.

I can recommend everyone to work with Mei.

Jasper Delisse

CEO - We R Asia

Mei knew exactly what the students needed in terms of knowledge. She challenged the students with authentic exercises they could encounter within a business context.

After the workshop, students commented on how much they had learned and how much they appreciated Mei as a trainer.

Marlene van Heel-Bradbury

Lecturer-Researcher of Intercultural Communication - Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Intercultural Communication

Enhancing Intercultural Communication to Drive Business Growth

In today’s global business landscape, effective intercultural communication can make all the difference. As an intercultural collaboration facilitator in this field, I assist companies in navigating the complexities of cross-cultural interactions where every word carries weight. Whether it’s during meetings or negotiations, I facilitate connections among individuals from diverse cultures.

My expertise lies in helping people understand each other’s needs and establishing a common ground for collaboration. By doing so, I enable them to strengthen their relationships and businesses, fostering mutual understanding and success.

Leveraging my broad knowledge and experiences across various business fields, I provide valuable support to customers in uncovering opportunities and overcoming challenges during conversations. Together, we transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring productive and meaningful interactions that drive business growth.

From My Customers

From chemical industry to food processing, from greenery to waste management, Mei and I work together on all kinds of projects. Mei is at home in every field. Her thorough preparation contributes to this.

Mei is a very nice person and she knows how to connect people with each other. This ensures smooth communication at crucial moments.

Valérie Hoeks

Managing director - China Inroads B.V.

Mei is very professional and dedicated. She knows how to touch the people with whom she works with her warm personality. She is a connector at heart.

Mei makes a difference between an ordinary working day and a particularly beautiful and successful day.

Marion Tjin-Tham-Sjin

Director and owner - Splendid China

China Project Management

Unlock Business Potential with Successful Projects

The cooperation contract with your new Chinese business partner has been signed. However, this is often where the real challenge begins. How do you handle project financing and payment arrangements? If your project receives government subsidies, what are the necessary requirements and procedures set by the Chinese government before, during, and after the project? How do you establish a robust project plan that provides clear insights into every step and outcome? And how do you effectively address disagreements during the plan’s creation and execution? How to unlock your business potential with successful projects?

I specialize in guiding companies through each of these steps, ensuring that the project moves in the right direction. Working closely with all involved parties, I assist in defining common ambitions, goals, desired outcomes, and approaches. A well-defined roadmap not only saves valuable time and resources but also establishes a strong foundation for long-term cooperation and success.

From My Customers

Mei is an excellent business connector. She feels the mutual goals clearly and knows how to strengthen relationships during conversations.

Mei helped us to build up a huge network of business partners in China and expanded this network in a short time. She is an excellent partner for any company that wants to do business or expand in China.

Roel Smabers

CEO - Parantion Group

With Mei, we carried out a large project in China. Thanks to her efforts, her impressive network in China, and her knowledge of language and culture, the project has been very successful for both ourselves and our client.

Mei works professionally and extremely effectively in establishing business contacts in China.

Erik de Boer

Director - New Business Development Associates

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