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Contribution is a core value for me. I truly believe that together we can uplift the world. That’s why I have been volunteering and supporting the following organizations financially. 

I would like to invite you to join me. Your contributions make a lasting impact!

Donate or volunteer to create an inclusive and supportive society.

Together, we make a difference!

 The Story of Jinfeng, Jina, and YiXiu

Jinfeng: “During my upbringing and my work as a child psychologist, I discovered that Chinese children in the Netherlands face unique challenges. They navigate between Chinese families and Dutch schools, grappling with cultural differences in search of their identity. This cultural divide, especially during adolescence, can lead to psychological or behavioral issues that affect their academic pursuits.

Due to language and cultural differences, obtaining appropriate help becomes difficult. Because Chinese culture emphasizes solving problems independently, it can be challenging for them to discuss issues or seek professional help. To address this, we founded the Foundation Intercultural Participation of Chinese Families, aiming to support Chinese children and parents in the Netherlands.”

Watch the interview with Jinfeng 

Jina: “During my work in Chinese schools and youth welfare organizations, I witnessed issues within Dutch-Chinese cross-cultural families stemming from cultural differences, identity, and a lack of parental guidance.

Due to a lack of relevant parenting and child psychology knowledge, coupled with unfamiliarity with Dutch culture and policies, communication barriers emerge. As a result, parents struggle to seek help, leading to psychological or behavioral issues in children.

Timely prevention and intervention can prevent a lot of pain for the children and families. Early awareness and support can help mitigate these challenges and provide families with the necessary information, training, and guidance.”

Yixiu: “For over ten years, I’ve assisted new immigrant families in settling in the Netherlands, which includes helping with language learning, home buying, and school selection. Additionally, I’ve served as an interpreter for various clients.

Through these experiences, I’ve observed the challenges faced by immigrant children, such as adapting to a new environment, learning a new language, and overcoming loneliness.

As a mother of three daughters born in the Netherlands, my family has also encountered and overcome various challenges, including confusion about their true identity, discrimination, and bullying at school. By joining the Intercultural Participation of Chinese Families, I aim to share parenting experiences and support others in effectively navigating parenthood.”

The Story of Linda and Marije

Marije: “Linda and I have known each other since 2005 when we volunteered in Guatemala. The enduring friendship formed there has kept us connected. Over 17 years, we’ve worked closely as a team, driven by our shared love for Africa and the desire to contribute to a better world. Our joint passion led us to establish a shelter with Kenya Child Care, aiming to make a positive impact on the lives of boys and girls in Kenya.”

Linda: “In 2019, it became evident that receiving neglected and damaged boys and girls at our rescue center isn’t a solution. Prevention is better than cure. It’s more effective to address the root cause, leading us to establish an Outreach program for children during their development. This approach enhances awareness and resilience in boys and girls.”

With Rise Up Now, we want to contribute to the healthy, safe development of boys and girls and the reduction of delinquency. The goals are clear. We are going to help tens of thousands of children go through carefree, healthy development, full of self-confidence and fun. Together we can be a bright light in the lives of those children!

It costs € 10 for a child to access the Rise Up Now Programme.

With your support, together, we nurture a generation of resilient and strong children!


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