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Kindness Projects

Spread kindness, strengthen collaboration, and spark changes

 Kindness Projects

Imagine how the world will be if all of the children get the education they need and discover their unique talents within each of them. In the last few years, I’ve met some remarkable people who started transformative projects to touch the lives of many children. With this Kindness Projects page, I hope to help them showcase these projects, spread kindness, invite and inspire people and companies to join us, collaborate, and spark changes!

Naaduo Arts – China

Naaduo is a beautiful small village that lies in Yunnan Province, a province with 26 minority ethnic groups. Naaduo is mainly inhabited by Yi people.

Four years ago, I visited Naaduo village together with my daughters as my father was born in a village near Naaduo. We played and danced with the children outside. After that, the children invited us to visit their homes. Some homes were so empty, without windows and doors, and, without parents. Almost all the children in the village were left alone with their grandparents. Their parents went to work in the big cities to earn money to support their families and came back home only once a year during the Chinese New Year. We listened to their personal stories. We were all deeply touched!

How was it all started?

Six years ago, the couple Guan Yu and Zhang Ping, two dance teachers from Beijing Dance Academy visited Naaduo. During their trip, they saw how difficult life was for so many children in Naaduo, without parents living with them and caring for them, and without proper education. As they are both teachers, they also saw that many of those children really love dancing and singing. Some of them are even very talented.

In order to fully support those children, Zhang Ping quit her job in Beijing and went back to Naaduo to teach and care for the children. They built an education center with their own savings and started Naaduo Arts.  In the last years,  Naaduo Arts has supported many children from many minority ethnic group villages to discover their artistic talents and change the course of their lives.

Want to help and support us?

Do you want to help and support this project? Please contact me and I am very happy to share more information about this project with you.

Watch this video on YouTube with English subtitles

Montessori Training Centre – Nepal

Born in a remote village in China, my mother was not allowed to go to school. My father taught my mother to read and write when he met her. As a mother of four children, my mother went to study and became a nurse. Education empowered her to change her life and enabled her to serve patients until now, even she is in her eighties.

This personal experience motivates me to make effort to support Gavin McCormack with his Teacher Training and Education Projects in Nepal. Gavin is a passionate Montessori teacher who currently runs 2 Montessori training centers in the country and has built 3 schools and libraries in some of the most remote areas. He is also the co-founder of Upschool, Kindbox, and Education Influence. These are all transformative initiatives for implementing effective social and educational changes. 

Do you want to help and support the education projects in Nepal? Please contact me. Together with Gavin, we will be delighted to share with you about these projects and how you can help us.


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