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We all have the innate power to create our own miracles 

Yesterday my Chinese high school classmate sent me a delighted message. Her 20 years old daughter can finally go to college in September because she did very well with her entry exams. She said:” All of the people said this is a miracle because last year she was still lying in bed the whole day, now she is fully alive!” 

This lovely and caring girl had suffered from mental health issues when she was 14 years old. For many years, she went through all kinds of therapy and treatment. She stopped school when she was 16. Her telephone became her dearest company to bring her joy every day, and let her connect with the outside world. Her bed became the safest place to bring her comfort, and let her forget about the outside world.

Last year November, I had a chat with my classmate. She was so sad and desperate about the situation of her daughter. At that moment, I just followed a course called Solution-Focused Coaching from ICM opleidingen & trainingen. I felt that the approaches of this course were so powerful. Maybe I can help her daughter just as a mother, not as a therapist by using these approaches.

In the last few years, my daughter struggled a lot with her puberty and school. I know how painful it felt as a mother when your child is not happy. I also felt such a lot of sadness and frustration. As my daughter was not open to help from outside, I dived deep into the world of teenagers to gain knowledge about emotions, consciousness, brain science, and behavior change to help my daughter. I thought if I can combine all of these knowledge with the powerful Solution-focused approaches, maybe I can help this sweet girl move forward in her life.

Luckily she was open to my help. Starting on the 26th of December 2021, we started our first chat with the “Miracle Question”. In Solution-based Coaching, the “Miracle Question” serves as a starting point and lets the client imagine change, imagine the future, focus on his own solution, and come up with exactly what he wants. After this first session, we talked with each other every Saturday. Me, as a mother, she, as a caring, kind, and sweet girl experiencing life’s ups and downs…

This morning, she called me and said to me: ”I am so grateful that you changed my life!”. I told her:” You have changed your own life, with your own imagination, your own solutions, and your own strength. You have created your own miracle! I am just so lucky to be able to accompany you during this journey!” 

I am truly grateful that I can accompany her in the last few months because she taught me so much about life, resilience, growth, and happiness! She taught me that we all have the innate power to create our own miracles!🌱🌱